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Halls and Toilets

Paying attention to our urgent need of space and extra toilets Pumpkin House has decided to put up halls behind the present location.

Purchase of the land

PUMPKIN HOUSE has to have a permanent establishment with adequate facilities for the children Right now PH has seen a land, and has already booked it by an initial payment. PH now needs your help for buying of the land and for construction.

In the future

Construction for boarding,



lodging and schooling  purpose.



Ph intends to have an establishment to cater for 300 children, with adequate facilities for the children and with proper segregated halls for boys and girls.

PH also intends to have a School built up in the same premises along with the establishment, for its children and for the children in the vicinity.

A school “Divine Grace School” has already been setup which will be upgraded every academic year till it becomes a full fledged one.


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