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PH mainly require funds for the following

Education :-

Ph wishes to give the best education to every child. For the same purpose it makes sure that every child receives a good English education. To meet the above need PH has now also started a Kindergarten of its own �The Divine Grace Kindergarten�

We hope to annually grade the school till it�s fully fledged.
This area also covers the school expenditure, transport and all the accessories and stationeries required by the child.


Boarding / Lodging : -

This area covers all the basic requirements of the child namely food, clothing and shelter. Since this touches the child directly, we strive to give the best to every child. We require your help to fulfill the basic needs of the child.  


Purchase of Land / Establishment: -

Keeping in mind that Ph is not a house but a home, PH hopes to acquire and build an establishment, where it can cater to 150 to 300 kids and spread its mantle of love and care, thus giving every child a Family - One of the greatest gifts. This is our future, our dream, our reality.


 Medical care: -

Apart from education, boarding / lodging, one needs to maintain  good health, so do our children. Every child is given the best medical treatment, from good and trusted pediatrician [ child specialist] Children are taken for regular check � ups, in order to prevent them from any sickness. Proper medical file is maintained of every child. Proper vaccination is given to the children. Since this is an expensive affair, your kind support will be appreciated.



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