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I.   Physical care of the children:

Children bathe regularly. The toddlers are given a bath by the members of of the PH, whereas the elder ones bathe themselves.

Physical activity is an important part of the daily routine with every child encouraged to remain physically fit  through games and other activities..

Children receive three nutritious meals a day, incorporating local food and other world cuisine.

Proper medical care is given to every child. Dr. Sagar Wagh has been a student of Mrs. Stella Pillai and looks after the medical needs of all the children.

II.   Providing Spiritual and Moral Guidance

Children are taught about all of the major faiths and regularly meet with members of all of them. We follow all of the major religious festivals from Christmas to Diwali to Eid.  Prayer is an integral part of daily life.

III.   Education:

Education is an area of immense focus for us and we ensure that all children receive a good education that will provide them with opportunities for a better life in the future.

The children are enrolled in our own school called "Divine Grace School" and runs classes from LKG, UKG, 1st to 10th Grade.

IV.   Meeting Cultural Needs:


Independence Day

Here at PH the children take part in festivals like the Rakhi festival where girls tie rakhis to the boys, Diwali where they play with crackers, and Independence day where we celebrate India.

Bharatnatyam is a popular Indian Classical Dance, it requires a lot of practice to attain perfection.

V.    Leisure and Relaxation:

Music is taught to the elder children of the PH some learn guitar while the others keyboard, at present there are three girls learning keyboard while two boys are learning guitar.

Children enjoy watching cartoons, good movies are shown on a Sunday, through the week children enjoy other programmes on the T.V.

Once a week the children go out to a park in the town where they get a chance to run around and play with other children.

Mrs. Stella Manuel, addressing a gathering.

The children are taught various arts and crafts. They decorate the house with it and share greeting cards on birthdays and various such occasions.

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