Stella Manuel – Pumpkin House Founder

“Love liberates and she liberated Pumpkin House to life.”

A walking miracle is witnessed in the lives of children residing at Pumpkin House. The Foundress and Secretary at Pumpkin House, Mrs. Stella has adorned the home with her expertise work since its inception.

She’s the woman who heard the first whispers at Pumpkin House, those soft voices which needed love, care, protection, education and medical care. She established the Pumpkin House in her own residence thus providing the children with a family and a home.

Stella’s vision for Pumpkin House:

  • To provide children with good educational background.

  • To make the children self reliant and independent so that they themselves fight against their vicious circle of poverty.

  • To provide each child with a family like atmosphere more than a hostel, so each child feels they belong to a family.

  • To maintain a self reputed staff and a well maintained home.

Her devotion towards the betterment of children is far beyond words. Her kind hearted and humble approach is an example of true love. Nothing great was ever accomplished without making sacrifices. The sacrifices and hard work that she has put into making Pumpkin House a reality is extraordinary.

“Success comes to those who act!” That’s what we learn from her work.

Fiona Manuel – Pumpkin House Director

“Work hard in silence, and let success make noise.”

We all have dreams but in order to make dreams come true into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self discipline and effort.

It is rightly said that there is no chance, no destiny, no fate that can hinder or control the firm resolve of a determined soul.

One such determined soul is Mrs. Fiona, the Director of Pumpkin House For Children Trust. She completed her advanced qualifications in Education and Social Work. Her contribution to Pumpkin House is beyond words. Dedicated from the beginning, she has been tirelessly working to help many children to live a good life.

She is also the Headmistress of the Divine Grace School. Molding the lives of students with a motherly approach, with devotion towards her teaching profession, many students have benefited from her presence.

A powerful combination of dedication and determination, at the core, one can learn from her to never to give up, specially when the going gets tough.

She’s a person enveloped with joy, gratitude and grace, and every child has felt that touch of a mother with her.

Fiona’s mantra for life:

Have Faith to make things not only easy but possible
Have Hope to see light despite the darkness
Have Love to give without any expectations
Have understanding to listen and feel even what’s not been said
And most of all always stay humble!

Meliza Manuel – Pumpkin House Trustee

“There are no shortcuts. Only hard work. Be patient and work in silence.”

Simple and honest as she is, Miss Meliza, a Trustee, is qualified as a Montessori teacher. She has been working at Pumpkin House and Divine Grace School since its inception.

Her spontaneous reaction to children’s activities is breathtaking. If you can see the world through the eyes of a child, the world seems magical. For her working with children is a celebration. The children are not distractions from important work, they are actually the most important work.

Children have a full time occupation and its called “Play.” Meliza’s technique to work with children is to become one with them. For children, playing is an important job and Meliza provides them with the most amazing childhood memories.

Meliza’s style of working with children is something that encourages them to learn more, experience more and have the best learning outcome.

She’s responsible for teaching them to read and write basic alphabets until they become adept in languages, and able to express fluently in sentences.

It is true when we say:

“Real happiness lies in making others happy.” — Avatar Meher Baba

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