Our Mission

To sustain and grow a home for children in need, in the vicinity of Ahmednagar, providing housing and first class education.

We believe in change

We help ensure disadvantaged children grow up with an education that puts them on par with other children, fighting to break the vicious cycle of poverty and helping them grow into able youth of tomorrow.

  • We provide education for every child.
  • We offer boarding: including food, clothing and shelter.
  • Every child is given the best available medical treatment.
  • Children are gifted with the ability to grow into self-supportive adults.

We believe every child on earth is blessed with a special gift or talent and we work to help them to discover their potential irrespective of their background.


“Education is my religion.”

Stella Manuel • Pumpkin House Founder

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Clean Water & Food

Clean, fresh water and full meals are provided to each needing child. Children are served the same food and water which is consumed by the facility staff.

Medical Care

Every child is offered medical treatment from trusted local pediatricians. Children are provided with regular checkups, and proper medical files are maintained.


Education is an area of immense focus for us and we ensure that all children receive a good education that will provide them with opportunities for a better life.

Cultural Guidance

Music, art, and prayer are integrated into the children’s education. They are given support for spiritual and moral growth through many different celebrations.

Change a life today

We are grateful for the power to change children’s lives.

Thank you